London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Mr. W. N. Blair, m.i.c.e., Borough Engineer, compiled the following table,
from which it is seen that more than one-fourth of St. Pancras is public or
semi-public open space and railways.

PARISH OF ST. PANCRAS. Land in the Occupation of the Railway Companies, exclusive of railways in tunnels.

Midland Railway Depots and Stations117
Great Northern „ ,,69
L & N.-W. „ „65
Open Railways (not included in the Depots and Stations)47 296

Public Parks and Open Spaces, etc.

Waterlow Park29
Parliament Hill (within St. Pancras)194
College Garden.20
Lismore Circus.66
Primrose Hill (within St. Pancras)15
Regent's Park (within St. Pancras)75
St. Andrew's Gardens1.25
St. George's „2.50
St. James's ,,2.66
St. Martin's ,,1.75
St. Pancras ,, (exclusive of Infirmary and Coroner's Court)5.25
Highgate Cemetery (new)20.25
,, ,, (old)17.50
Pond Square.80
Whitefield Gardens.50

Gardens and Squares.

Rochester Square1.08
Camden Square2.07
Goldington Crescent.50
Mornington Crescent2.84
Oakley Square1.75
Harrington Square1
Ampthill Square1
Argyle Square.80
Clarence Gardens.70
Munster Square.46
Euston Square2.20
Endsleigh Gardens2.40
Gordon Square2.30
Tavistock Square2.30
Cartwright Gardens (Burton Crescent)1.45
Regent Square.70
Mccklenburgh Square2.50
Fitzroy Square.75
St. George's Square.43
Total area of St. Pancras, 2,604 acres. Census, 1901.688