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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Marketing Places.—I made 1530 inspections of the various market places,
including butchers, pork butchers, poulterers, fishmongers, greengrocers'
shops, &c., and when necessary made applications to the Magistrates sitting at
the Police Courts to condemn and order the destruction of certain unsound
Food Makers.—There are 150 makers of sausages, ice cream, extract of meat,
tripe, &c. I have made 162 visits, and have, with few exceptions, found the
premises satisfactory, and the food sound.
During the year I have attended the Police Courts 74 times in the discharge
of my duties.
I am, &c.,
H. R. Child,
Inspector of Meat and other Foods.
To the Medical Officer of Health.
I beg to submit my report for the year ending December 31st, 1904.
The market streets, food shops, greengrocers, costers' barrows, stalls and
fish shops have been inspected daily; 2,256 inspections of the market streets
have been made, and the following articles have been destroyed, the same
being unfit for human food:—
Mackerel 125
Skate 135
Haddocks 120
Oysters 500
Lobsters 5224 tins
Butchers Meat 138 lbs.
Bacon 1344 „
Hams 336 ,,
Livers 14
Rabbit 1
Bananas 25
Food Makers.
I have made 334 inspections of places where food is manufactured, such aa
sausages, &c., and have found the meat and other ingredients used sweet and
sound, free from disease and the premises kept in a fairly clean condition.
During the year, 287 inspections of the slaughter-houses have been made by
me. I have seen a number of animals slaughtered, all of which have been
found free from disease and of good quality.
There are five registered cow-sheds licensed to keep 102 cows. One hundred
inspections have been made of these premises, and they have been found in a
cleanly condition, the regulations complied with, and the animals in a healthy