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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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The following are the Reports of the Sanitary Inspectors of Food and Food
To the Medical Officer of Health.
I beg to report on my work in the Northern and Eastern Divisions of
the Borough for the year ended 31st December, 1904.
Milkshops.—I made 397 visits to milkshops, and with seven exceptions found
the milk vessels generally satisfactory. During these visits I found 29 persons
selling milk without being registered in accordance with the Dairies, Cowsheds,
and Milkshops Orders; this is a decrease on the number of last year.
Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.—I obtained 375 samples of milk, butter, and
other articles for analysis by the Public Analyst, of which 65 articles were
adulterated, and proceedings taken in 22 cases. This is an increase of 125
samples of previous years.
Licensed Slaughter-houses.—I made 211 inspections of the eight private
slaughter-houses in the divisions and saw 589 sheep, 78 pigs, 122 bullocks,
4 calves, and 27 lambs killed; and such organs as on examination were found
to be diseased I had removed by consent of the owners under Sub-Sec. 8 of
Sec. 47 of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.

The following table shows the number of animals found to be diseased, nature of disease, &c.:—

No.Description of Carcase.Disease.Where Affected.How disposed of.
1OxTuberculosisLiver & SpleenDestroyed at the Dust Destructor
8OxenFlukesLivers„ „
3OxenAbscessLivers„ „
2OxenEchinococcus VeterinorumLungs„ „
1OxEchinococcus VeterinorumLiver„ „
1OxCirrhosisLiver„ „
1SheepAbscessLungs„ „
1SheepEchinococcus VeterinorumLiver„ „

On several occasions I had to call the attention of the Licensee to breaches
of the By-laws.
Licensed Cowsheds.—There are now only five licensed cowsheds in the
divisions, three having been closed during the year; the renewals of the
licenses having been objected to by me, also by the London County Council
Inspector. I paid 112 visits to the cowsheds and found them fairly satisfactory.