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Hanover Square 1871

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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preceding hospitals excepting "The Home," the death-rate
at home was 20 per 1000. This calculation has been made
according to the census of 1861, when the population of
the parish was estimated at 87,747. But through the
kindness of Mr. Clode, Secretary of the Registrar
General's Department, I have received the following
Census of this Parish up to 1871, the figures of which
are at present provisional, as the returns have to undergo
a strict examination before the final numbers are determined:—
CENSUS, 1871. Population.
Hanover Square Sub-District 18,700
May Fair „ „ 13,020
Belgrave „ „ 58,043
Total of the Parish of St. George,
Hanover Square
Hence it appears that Hanover Square has lost 1,070
inhabitants, but that May Fair has received 372, and
Belgravia 2,944 in addition. Adopting this Census for
that of 1861, we find that the death-rates would be 22 and
19 per 1,000 respectively, instead of 23 and 20.
It should, however, be noted that the mortality admits
of still further reduction, owing to the establishment of a
"Home for Deserted Mothers and Infants," No. 3, Cumberland
Street, Pimlico, where a large majority of the
deaths have occurred in non-parishioners. 132 persons
were admitted, of whom 41, or about 31 per cent. died,
and of these only 8 were parishioners.
The following statement gives the number of deaths for
the four quarters of the year, amounting to 487 in the
first quarter, ending June 25th, 1870, 444 in the second;
539 in the third, and 578 in the fourth, ending April,