London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Street sewers repaired, cleansed, or constructed, owing to nuisance in dwellings7*
Yards paved and cleansed5
New gutters or rain-water pipes2
Dry area constructed to lessen dampness of basement1
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Cleansed and repaired with rooms over2
Cesspools abolished0
Yards paved, cleansed, &c7
Old brick-drains broken up and pipe-drains laid down7
Without water-closets, but drained water-closets since erected0
Without water-closets or drainage, since drained by pipe-drains and water-closets erected1
Offensive closet abolished1
Inlets to drains trappedmany
Drained by pipe drains, water-closets not required .2
Extra ventilated0
Drains cleansed and repaired6
Sleeping apartments unfit, disused0
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Complaints of non-removal of dung during proper

Dung removed2
Offensive grains removed0
Paving repaired0
Limewashed and cleansed1
Drains cleansed1
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Drains cleansed and repaired0
Limewashed and cleansed0
Garbage and blood removed0
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Various Nuisances.

Dung-heap shifted to a less offensive place1
Dung removed from pits and heaps when offensive31
Rubbish, dead dogs, stinking fish, &c., offensive in yards, lanes, or on waste ground22
Slops thrown from windows and on to roofs of adjoining premises, down gullies in streets, and on to carriage-ways3
Urinals abolished2
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* Including sewers in Carrington, Dover, Derby, and South Molton-streets, Swallow*
place, Mount-row, and Carpenter-street.

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