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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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or mistress ascertains the fact of Vaccination by personal examination
before a child is admitted. Clean hands and faces are
also insisted on; and in most of the schools the boys are desired
to wear a clean shirt collar, a small thing seemingly, but one
which has an excellent effect.
Sanitary Work.
The Quarterly Reports show that the number of complaints
entered in the Inspector's Report Book, between April 1st, 1865,
and April 4th, 1866, is 626, of which 242 relate to premises in the
Hanover and Mayfair, and 384 in the Belgrave Sub-District. But
inasmuch as one complaint may refer to more than one house or
set of premises, it must be added that the number of premises
complained of has been 306 in the Hanover and Mayfair, and 613
in the Belgrave,—total 919. The number of notices served has
been 141; of which 44 referred to the Hanover and Mayfair, and
97 to the Belgrave. The number of cases in which legal proceedings
have been taken is 12, of which 7 refer to the former,
and 5 to the latter Sub-District.
List of Improvements.
The Sanitary Improvements in the Parish, between April 2nd,
1865, and March 31st, 1866, inclusive, are shown in the following
Table, compiled from the Nuisances' Complaint Book, kept by
Mr. Grant:—

Dwelling Houses.

No. of cases.
Dilapidated and shut up as unfit for human habitation0
Repaired, whitewashed, and cleansed203
Extra supply of water laid on1
Overcrowding abated6
Ash-pits erected, dust-boxes provided0
Ash-pits cleansed or covered0
Water-butts or cisterns cleansed, covered or repaired27
New water receptacles erected1
Leakage from water-pipes, boilers, or cisterns, of adjoining premises remedied14
Leakage from drains of adjoining premises, gullies in streets or sewers13
Houses without drainage, but since drained by pipes0
Cesspools abolished6
Old brick-drains broken up and pipe-drains laid down25
Drains and water-closets cleansed and repaired111
Common privies abolished and new water-closets constructed17
Drains and sinks trapped18
Dwellings better ventilated3
Water laid on which had been cut of1
Kitchen disused as dwelling2
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