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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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Gas escapes into dwellings from Company's mains .5
Gullies offensive in streets, gutters, &c., repaired, cleansed, or trapped16
Horses removed from coach houses0
Live dogs, goats, rabbits, pigs, and donkey removed31
Dangerous houses reported to police2
Chimney stacks ditto ditto1
Drain leaking into a well1
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Cleansed by order41
Marine Store Dealers'.
Window built up to prevent effluvia1
Better ventilation effected1
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Visitation of Milliners.
In consequence of a letter, alleging that the workroom and
sleeping rooms of a milliner in extensive business were overcrowded
and improperly ventilated, we called on the milliner
with Mr. Grant, and informed him of the complaint. We were
immediately invited to inspect the whole house from top to
bottom, which we did, and were gratified at finding that there
was no foundation for the complaint. Pains had been taken to
ventilate the workroom, and the sleeping apartments were wholesome
and comfortable.
Visitation of Bakehouses.
Twice a year, in company with Mr. Grant, we inspect every
bakehouse in the Parish, whether it belong to baker, cook, or
confectioner. Of bakehouses in the Hanover and Mayfair SubDistricts
there are now 36, one of which, however, is rebuilding,
and one shut up and disused soon after Easter. In the Belgrave
there are 54 Enquiries and inspections are made, as directed by the
Bakehouses Regulation Act, as to the general state of cleanliness
and repair;—whether limewashing has been done at the time prescribed
by the Sanitary Committee; whether there be any
sleeping apartments too closely adjoining, and not properly
separated from, the bakehouse; whether boys are employed in
nightwork; and whether all sinks, closets, &c., through which
sewer air could enter the bakehouse, are in proper order. The
result of the investigation was thoroughly satisfactory, and if we
are obliged to state that some of the bakehouses had not been
limewashed within the time prescribed, still we must add that
they were not dirty, and that the omission was through inadvertence.
It may be of interest to remark that the machine for
* In one instance twelve dogs were removed.

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