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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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pensation for the ammonia. The population of the mews in the
Hanover and Mayfair Sub-Districts, was 3,000 in 1851, and cannot
have greatly altered since ; the deaths last year were Of 24 adults
and 28 children under 5, total 52, or at the rate of 17.3 per 1,000
per annum.
Thus far we have spoken of the gross mortality of the Tarish
at large, and of the deaths at home, in the Hanover and Mayfair
Sub-Districts ; now let us speak of

Deaths in Institutions.

Year ending 31st March, 1866,—18581859186018611862186818641866
Deaths in St. George's Hospital, 352311314316330808317328336
Non-parishioners who died there, 271255251243263243253260264
Parishioners who died there, 815663736765646172
From the Hanover and Mayfair Sub - Districts, 19242722191721
From the Belgrave, 62494043454451
Deaths in Mount-street Workhouse, 888875729669100104112
Deaths in Little Chelsea Workhouse, 234133282527263624
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When we speak of deaths at home, it must be understood that
we speak of those who die in their own beds. This year, 19 of
the inhabitants of the Hanover and Mayfair Sub-Districts died in
St. George's Hospital. As we have said before, if we take the 88
parishioners who died in the Mount-street, and 23 in the Little
Chelsea Workhouse, and the 82 in the Hospital—total 193—we
see that nearly one-tenth of the deaths in our Parish took place
in beds provided by charity.

Mortality in Belgrave Sub-District.

The gross number of deaths in this Sub-District (that is, including allthe 352 deaths in the Hospital) was 1,454. In the 8 foregoing years it was

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Estimating the population to be stationary at the calculated
amount of last year, 59,500 or 60,000, the gross rate of mortality
was about 24 per 1,000. Excluding the deaths in St. George's
Hospital and Workhouses, the people who died at home, were 1,102,
or at the rate of 18 3 per 1,000 living.

Deaths at Home in Belgravia.

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