London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St George (Southwark) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southwark, The Vestry of the Parish of St. George the Martyr]

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Parish of Saint George the Martyr, Southwark.

TABLE 4.— continued.

NAMES OF PLACESAged over 50Aged under 5DiarrhoeaCholeraFeverAll other Zymotic DiseasesPhthisisAll other Lung DiseasesTabes, Hydrocephalus, Scrofula, Spasmodic Croup, Convulsions of ??? fants, DentitionAll other DiseasesTotal Deaths
Princess Street, L. R-------2--2
Potier Street, K. R.11----1-113
Pleasant Place, K. R.11-----1-12
Queen Street, B. R.-3---1--113
Queen's Prison1--------22
Red Cross Court13---2111-5
Russel Place, K. R.-2-----11i3
Rodney Street-1-------22
Red Cross Street241---33--7
Suffolk Street3122-11216518
Southwark B. Road514---8343927
Short S reet, Tower Street-11---1---2
Staple Street21------123
Suffolk Street, Little441---1--68
Surrey Street, B. R.27---2253214
Su ??? ey Buildings231-1-11116
Star Court, Mint Street-2----1-2-3
Spiliar's Court, L. R-------1-12
Surrey Chapel Alms House, B.R3--------33
St. Stephen's Square, Place, and Schoolhouse, K. R.184--123-414
Swan Place, K. R.131----3--4
Surrey Place2--------22
Surrey Street, Little, B. R.-31-----113
Tennis Place12---1-1-24
Tower Street, L. R.2121--2224516
Townsend Street, K. R.22---122-27
Temple Street, L. R.23--2111128
Three Tun Court, K. R.111------12
Thomas Street, K. R.11---2-1--3
Union Street, Great, L. R.362--1-2139
Union Street, L. R.-3--11--2-4
Union Street and Place, B. R..1112-12221515
Vine Yard, Barrow Street, B.R.I1----1--23
Valentine Place-2--1--124
Valentine Row111----1--2
Wycombe Place, Kent Street331--213-18
Webber Row191-1-353417
Willmott's Buildings-5---222--6
White Street43---212-38
Waterloo Road23------235
Wellington Place & Terrace,B.R14-----2136
Wellington Street, B. R23---212128
West Square21----11-13
William Street, B. R231---3--48
Warner Street23---1-1125
Webber Street, L. R.-3---122117
Westcott Street-41--2--1-4
Warwick Street151--2-126
York Street, L. R-2------235
York Street, K. R.12----12--3
York Place, K. R1--1---1-2
York Buildings-1----1--12