London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St George (Southwark) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southwark, The Vestry of the Parish of St. George the Martyr]

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Supplement and Tables to complete Annual Report, 1857. 9 TABLE 4.—continued.

NAMES OF PLACESAged over 50Aged under 5DiarrhoeaCholeraFeverAll other Zymotic DiseasesPhthisisAll other Lung DiseasesTabes, Hydrocephalus. Seroula, Spasmodic Croup, Convulsions of Infants, DentitionAll other DiseasesTotal Deaths
Gaywood Street-2----1---2
George's St., Row---1--1--13
George's, St., Passage-2---1-1--2
Hunter Street54----153211
Harrow Street22-----1214
High Street231--31-229
Henry Street46----212510
Hill Street131----1114
Herbert's Buildings11---1---12
Herbert's Place-21----1--2
Haddon Place-1------2-2
Hailes Terrace-21-----1-2
Heartley Place-21-----1-2
Joiner Street24----32128
John's Place, Webber Street-4-----22-4
John's Place, London Street1-----2---2
Johnson's Buildings21---1-2--3
John Street161--1-32-7
John Street, Kent Road-3---2--1-3
James Terrace-1----1-1-2
James Street-2---1--1-2
John's Terrace11-----1-12
Kent Street47-----34613
King's Bench Walk11--1---124
king Street-31---1-2-4
Kent Road2--------33
King's Court, Suffolk Stroet12---211--4
Lant Street27---1134413
london Road652---223413
Lansdowne Place-8--12-2229
lombard Street-21----11-3
Lant Street, Little141-1112--6
Lambeth Road3----113--5
Layton Grove-21-----1-2
London Street-1----11-13
Mint Street10112--2363622
Melina Place and Buildings22-----1135
Market Street331-21-1-27
Mason Street43----33129
Mina Road-2---11-1-3
Martin Street11------112
Mason's Buildings141-1121-7
Moreton Street12-----213
Marshall Street33---111-58
May Pole Alley211---1-13
Nelson Place-1--1--1-13
Northampton Row-2-----2--2
Noel Street21-----2-24
New Alley2----11---2
Noel Court-2--1---1-2
Obelisk Yard and Buildings1------1-12
Ockley Court11-----2--2
Paget Place-1---1---12
Pitt Street and Pitt Place, L. R.251--3-3-29
Perer Street-52-11111-7
Paragon Place, K.R.12---11-1-3
Paul's Yard-1----1--12
Pitt Street, K.R.33--213118
Princess Place, B. R.-3---2-1--3
Princess Place, L. R.-1----1-1-2