London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St George (Southwark) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southwark, The Vestry of the Parish of St. George the Martyr]

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Supplement and Tables to complete Annual Report, 1857.

TABLE 5.— Sanitary Inspections during the Year ending December31, 1857.

CasesNumber of Houses or Places visitedNumber of Visits of Medical Officer and InspectorPremises unclean, or dilapidated withinOvercrowdedUnfit for habitationInsufficient VentilationWaterWater receptacle, none, bad, or without coverBad DrainageFoul CesspoolWater Closet defective, or without WaterInsufficient Privy accommodationYard badly pavedRefuse accumulated in excessDustbin, none or imperfectNuisances from animals badly keptSlaughter-houses, Manufactories in unwholesome stateBurial Vaults requiring improvement
DeficientNo supply
544890The average is three at least to each place.1611139303781494623731565204In every third house visited, on the average.31420162
Work completed.47375613092330378113407327133.16725020121
Not begun, or left unfinished7113431216...365546235376441