London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St George (Southwark) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southwark, The Vestry of the Parish of St. George the Martyr]

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Parish of Saint George the Martyr, Southwark.

TABLE 4.—LOCALITIES OF DISEASE, as shewn in Deaths Registered.

Those Streets, &c., only omitted which show but one Death.

NAMES OF PLACESAged over 50Aged under 5DiarrhœaCholeraFeverAll other Zymotic DiseasesPhthisisAll other Lung DiseasesTabes, Hydrocephalus, Scrofula, Spasmodic Croup, Convulsions of Infants, DentitionAll other DiseasesTotal Deaths
Ann's Place, L. R141---112-5
Angel Place13----113-5
Adam's Place-4-----1124
Albion Place-1------2-2
Alfred Place16---1231310
Amelia Street-3----1-2-3
Blackfriars Road252--411-311
Barron's Road23---12-216
Bird-in-Hand Court-2----11-2
Borough Road, L.R.-2----1-124
Borough Road, B. R.53---231-39
Brook Place31----32128
Buckenham Square-2---1----2
Blackman Street-1---1---12
Bermondsey New Road-4-----1124
Belvidere Place161---11238
Brent's Court-22----1--3
Buckenham Street11------123
Bean Street.-3----112-4
Bond Street3--1--1114
Bond Buildings1--------22
Bridge House Place11---1-1-13
Bath Street-2-----2-2
Board's Buildings2-1------23
Clarendon Street28---3415-13
Cross Street-1-------33
Cook's Buildings-31-----124
Cornbury Street-72-1-113-8
Chapel Place and Court4-----11-35
Charles Street and Court-42---11228
Clarnece Place and Row-5---2--215
Castle Street-62--121129
Castle Court-2----1-2-3
Duke Street26---2112410
Duke Street, Little-21----1-13
Disney Place-2---111--3
Disney Street-2------112
Duke Street, B. R.21----12-14
Delph Street-42--11-1-5
Deaf and Dumb Asylum1----2-1-14
Etham Street-121---127314
East Street12-1-1-11-4
Elliott's Row15----2327
Elliott's Place-2-1-1----2
Earl Street, L.R.-7--1--2137
Elizabeth Place, L.R.-1----11--2
Francis Place15--1--1248
Friar Street2112--2145114
Fox's Buildings33---112127
Falcon Court-21--1--1-3
Falstaff's Yard-2-----2--2
Gun Street22-----1-45
George's St., Square-1-------22
George's, St., Place16---12-519
George's St., Road65---2632518
George's, St., Circus1-----1--23
George's, St., Market12-----2-24
Green Street-1----1-1-2
Green Street, Upper13--13---15
Garden Row13-----3115
Gray Street41----32-16
Gioraltar Row12---121138
Grotto Place141--1-21-5
George Street271--171-414