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Poplar 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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Article I.—In this Order—
The expression "Local Authority" means the Common
Council of the City of London, the Council of each Metropolitan
Borough, the Council of each Municipal Borough or other Urban
District, the Council of each Rural District and each Port Sanitary
The expression "District" means the District of a Local
Article II.—In any district in which a representation is made
to the Local Authority that rats in the district are infected or
threatened with plague, or that there is an unusual mortality among
rats in the district, the Local Authority shall report the matter to
us, and shall take measures (a) for the destruction of all rats in the
district; and (b) for preventing the entrance of rats into buildings
and other premises in the district.
Article III —For the purposes of these regulations the Local
Authority may appoint such additional officers or servants as they
may deem necessary and may delegate to such officers or servants
any powers under these regulations.
Article IV.—The expenses incurred by a Local Authority in
the execution of these regulations shall be defrayed in the case of a
Local Authority which is a Sanitary Authority for the execution of
the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, as part of their expenses in
the execution of that Act, and in the case of any other Local
Authority as part of their general expenses in the execution of the
Public Health Acts.
The Medical Officer of the Local Government Board prepared a Memorandum
on Plague, dated November, 1910, under the following headings:
—I.—General Characteristics of the Disease; (1) Symptoms of Pla.gue;
(2) Diagnosis of Plague ; (3) Method of spread of Plague; (4) Rats the
source of Plague. II.—Measures against Plague, (a) Precautions against
human infection; (6) Precautions in regard to Inanimate Objects;
(c) Precautions against Rats. The most important recommendations may
be summarised as follows:—
1st.—Persistently and systematically destroy all rats.
2nd.—Remove and obliterate their nests, burrows and
habitual haunts, and