London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Poplar 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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3rd.—Make each dwelling as far as practicable rat-proof, and
remove all known harbourage for rats in or near dwellings.
4th.—At the same time do not allow waste of food (whether
for human beings, chickens, or other animals) to accumulate in or
about the house.
The Medical Officer of the Local Government Board also issued
directions for obtaining and forwarding for bacteriological examination
material from suspected plague cases whether from the living persons or
from the dead body or from rats or other rodents.
Notification of a case of Anthrax; London Notification of
Glanders Order, 1907 ; Hydrophobia.
Notification of a Case of Anthrax.
On 17th May, a notification was received from Poplar Hospital of a
case of anthrax in a male, aged 42 years, of Poplar, who was admitted into
that institution on 14th May, having gone there direct from the Royal
Albert Dock where he had been at work on 4th, 5th and 6th May on the
s.s. " Columbian," on which dates hides were loaded into that vessel.
H.M. Inspector of Factories was duly informed of the notification of
the case.
It was reported by the Port Medical Officer for London that the man
did not appear to have complained of being ill whilst at work, and that
the s.s. " Columbian " sailed for Boston on 12th May.
London Notification of Glanders Order, 1907.
During the year three notices were received from the Veterinary
Inspector of the London County Council in accordance with the London
• Woolsorter's disease, or splenic fever, or malignant pustule.