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Poplar 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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During the four weeks ended 10th December notices were received from the Port Sanitary Authorities for London and Liverpool of persons proceeding to addresses in Poplar from cholera and plague-infected ports:

Received.Ship.From.No. of PersonsResult of Enquiries.
1910. 19th Nov.s.s. "Hamlet"Reval*1Reported well.
23rd „ 2nd Dec.s.s. "Jaffa" s.s. "Irkutsk"Riga* St. Petersburg"9 1Two addresses not in Poplar and one person not known at address given. Port Medical Officer of Health informed. Other persons (6) reported to be well. Traced to another address. Reported well.
3rd „"Romeo"Riga*10One address not in Poplar. Port Medical Officer of Health informed. Other persons traced and reported well.
3rd „"Irkutsk"St. Petersburg*1Not expected at address given. Port Medical Officer of Health informed.
10 th „s.s. "Mimosa" Bombay (Left cases of plague at Suez.) "Cholera1Not traced. Liverpool Port Sanitary Authority informed.

Notice was received on the 14th December from the London County
Council of the s.s. "Hibernian," which arrived in the Clyde on 5th
December with enteric fever on board. Three persons were reported as
proceeding to the Poplar district. One was not known at the address
given; other two were found to be well.
Regulations as to Plague : Destruction of Rats.
Under date the 11th day of November, 1910, the Local Government
Board issued an Order (No. 56,223) relating to the Prevention of Epidemic
Diseases—Regulations as to Plague—Destruction of Rats—Articles I., II.,
III. and IV. of which are as follows:—