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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Dwelling HousesAll other propertyTotal
Number of properties in district31,451 (31,839)7,307 (7,452)38,758 (39,291)
Number of properties inspected as a result of—
(a) Notification403 (356)110 (69)513 (425)
(b) Survey123 (161)1 (2)124 (163)
(c) Otherwise— (—)- (-)- (-)
Total inspections and reinspections3,204 (3,220)993 (585)4,197 (3,805)
Number of properties found to be infested by—
(a) Rats—
Major infestation- (-)- (-)- (-)
Minor infestation ..172 (199)33 (32)205 (231)
(b) Mice—•
Major infestation— (—)- (-)- (-)
Minor infestation ..260 (176)74 (36)334 (212)
Number of infested properties treated by the Council ..424 (370)106 (67)530 (437)
Total treatments and re-treatments476 (395)120 (71)596 (466)

It was not found necessary to serve any notices under the Act.
Two block control schemes were carried out and the sewers in the
Borough were treated twice during the year.
HOUSEBOATS.—In my Report for 1959 I referred to the increasing
number of houseboats on the stretch of the Grand Union canal
in Paddington and the steps being taken by the British Waterways
Authority to provide toilet facilities ashore for the residents.
In October, 1960, lavatory blocks for the boats at the Blomfield
Road and Paddington Basin moorings were completed. These
consist of flush toilets for men and women and means for the
disposal of the contents of Elsan type closets.
Keys to these blocks were handed to the houseboat residents
by the Waterways Authority, and advice on the effective sealing
off or removal of the flush toilets aboard the boats was given by
the Canal Boats Inspector.
Further visits were made to the houseboats a month later and
the flush toilets aboard were all found to be out of use and the new
arrangements working satisfactorily.
(i) Home bathing.—As the Committee are aware home bathing
services are provided for both men and women by the Cleansing
Station Staff of the department.