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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Smoke control areas.—The Council's programme for the
formation of smoke control areas is progressing according to the
timetable adopted in April, 1959. The present position is:-
Hyde Park No. 1 Order.
Confirmed by the Minister without modification and in
operation from the 31st October, 1959.
Lancaster Gate East Order.
Confirmed by the Minister without modification and in
operation from the 1st November, 1960.
Lancaster Gate West Order.
Order made and submitted to the Minister. Proposed date
of operation is the 1st November, 1961. The estimated cost
and extent of the work required is given below:-
Number of new appliances required 247
Cost of new appliances £1,547
Cost of installation of new appliances £2,542
Number of existing appliances to be
adapted 70
Cost of adapting existing appliances £382
Number of gas or electric points to be
provided Nil
Cost of installing the gas and electric
points Nil
The net cost to the Council, i.e., the cost of grants after the
Government's reimbursement has been received is estimated at
Westbourne Ward Order.
The preliminary survey is being carried out.
Installation of furnaces.—The following figures relate to
industrial furnaces, or domestic furnaces with a capacity of 55,000
or more B.T.Us. per hour, which must be notified under the Clean
Air Act.
No. of notifications under Sec. 3 (3) of intention
to instal a furnace 26 (26)
No. of applications under Sec. 3 (2) for prior
approval of the proposals 4 (9)
No. of applications under Sec. 3 (2) approved by
the Council 4 (8)
RODENT CONTROL.-The following table gives details of the
work carried out under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act,
1949, during the year:-