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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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In this connection the District Nursing Association, who
carry out a similar service for the aged of both sexes, approached
the Public Health Committee in October asking for assistance in
this direction. Owing to shortage of nursing staff difficulty was
being experienced in coping with the number of bathing cases on
their books, and furthermore the services of the nursing staff thus
engaged could be devoted to cases where their nursing qualifications
could be more advantageously used. The number of cases involved
amounts to approximately twenty a week. The Public Health
Committee agreed to provide this assistance and made provision
therefor in the estimates for 1961/1962 for the appointment of one
additional (female) employee to cope with this extension of our
present home bathing services.
The District Nursing Association are deeply appreciative of
the Council's co-operation which, while not affecting the persons
who were receiving this service perhaps more important still, thus
released nurses to deal with cases requiring expert nursing attention
Eight hundred and sixty-five (694) baths were given at home
to thirty-nine (36) persons during the year.
(ii) Laundering of linen.—The need for this type of service
for the elderly is growing. It is difficult to assess for future increase,
but in order to meet such eventuality the Committee have approved
an arrangement whereby St. Pancras Borough Council have agreed
to assist by accepting any cases we are unable to deal with at any
time at a cost of 10s. 0d. per case. I should like to place on record
my appreciation of the ready co-operation extended to us by the
St. Pancras Borough Council. The number of cases being dealt
with at the end of the year by the laundry service was twenty-one
(15). Thirty-eight (36) people received help from the laundry service
during the year.
(iii) Holiday Home.—The Council's Holiday Home at Bexhillon-Sea
again proved very popular and the following figures show
the guests who were accommodated at "Kincardine." Guests stay
for a fortnight during January, February, March and November
and for a week during the remainder of the year.
Number of applications received 991
Number of guests accommodated 615
Applicants refusing a holiday—
Date offered unacceptable 64
Private reasons 95
Illness 84
Death of applicant, friend or relative 20
Applicants not offered a holiday—
Removed from Borough 5
Died 8
Single room not available 1
Dates required not available 3
Applicant not fit 3
Priority not reached 93
Of the 615 guests accommodated, 203 were having their first
holiday at the Home. At Christmas a further sixteen guests (the
maximum which can be catered for) were selected from twenty-seven
applicants and spent a week at the Home over the holiday period.