London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Strawberry syrupNo strawberry juice presentLetter to Manufacturer
Chicken capriDeficient in meatLetter to Manufacturer
Oysters FriedLabelling offenceLetter sent
Anchovy PasteHigh ash and salt contentRepeat sample—genuine
Steak and kidney pieDeficient in kidneyRepeat sample—genuine
Contrexeville Spa WaterLabelling offenceLetter sent
Fruit cocktailContent of peaches outside the limit set by Code of PracticeRepeat sample taken
Canned Paw PawCan corroded and smelt unpleasantLetter sent. Supply withdrawn
Ground NutmegDamp and deficient in volatile oilFurther samples taken
Salt fish cutletsLabelling offenceLetter sent
Canned mixed veg.Labelling offenceLetter sent
Turkey and cornDeficient in meatWarning letter to Manufacturers
Cooking fatRepeat of previous sample labelling still inadequateLetter sent
Dried FruitIngredients listed in wrong orderLetter sent
Vitamin Health DrinkLabelled "drink" but consisted of powderLetter to Manufacturers
Garden MintConsisted of mint sauce or mint in vinegarLabelling-matter still in hand
Camphorated oilExcess camphorRepeat sample
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