London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Sauer Kraut cannedNo list of ingredients displayedLetter to importers
Milk chocolate drinkAlledged to contain glucose but none foundFurther sample taken
Chop sauceUndeclared preservativeRepeat sample taken-genuine
Cooking fatNot clearly labelled "Cooking fat"Letter sent. Repeat sample taken
Steak and kidney puddingDeficient in kidneyRepeat sample taken
Chicken noodle snackDeficient in meatWarning letter to Manufacturer
Viennese CoffeeLabelling offenceLabel altered
Butter fudgeLabelling offenceLabel altered
Tomato KussondiLabelling offenceLetters sent
PatraUndeclared preservativeRepeat sample—genuine
Soy sauceUndeclared preservativeRepeat sample—genuine
Ground nutmeg (2)Deficient in volatile oilLetter sent
Steak and kidney pie (2)Deficient in kidneyLetter sent, warning to Manufacturer
Sparkling Spring drinkLabelling-drink was a powderLetter sent
Fruit Cocktail in syrupLabelling offenceLetter sent
Minced beef and onion with gravy (2)Deficient in meatWarning letter to Manufacturer
Pate de foieLow meat contentRepeat sample-genuine
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