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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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liquid egg is imported from Australia and during the year there was a case where
one particular tin failed the Alpha-Amylase test, and the Australian Egg Board in
this country arranged for it to be re-exported back to the original pasteurisation
plant for examination. The department was informed that the tin must have become
contaminated after the pasteurisation, and the Board has informed us that they are
taking steps to ensure that the risk of recurrence of contamination is reduced to
an absolute minimum.
It may be confusing to talk of frozen liquid egg, but in the Liquid Egg
(Pasteurisation) Regulations, 1963 liquid egg means any mixture of yolk and
albumen other than reconstituted dry egg and includes any such mixture which is
frozen, chilled or otherwise preserved.
(c) Food Hygiene (General) Regulations, 1960

The number of food premises by type of business is as follows:-

No. of premisesNo. fitted to comply with Reg.16No. to which Reg. 19 appliesNo. fitted to comply with Reg.19
Grocery and Provisions312312134134
Greengrocery and fruit193193193193
Fish shops, wet, dry & fried67676767
Bakers and bakehouses98989898
Restaurants, cafes, canteens and clubs238238238238
Food factories and warehouses17171717
Public Houses and Off-licences292292292292
Milk distributors399399NilNil
Ice cream premises4744745353
Preserved food premises240240240240
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360, Clapham Road, SW9
These premises comprise a bakers and grocery shop with an underground
bakehouse, and an additional bakehouse at ground level situated at the rear.

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