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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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An inspection in March revealed that the underground bakehouse was being
used for dough mixing, although it was not suitable for use as regards construction,
height, light, ventilation and hygiene, and no certificate of suitability had been
issued under the Factories Acts. In addition, several contraventions of the Food
Hygiene (General) Regulations were found in the ground level bakehouse.
As the owner was unwilling to give up the underground bakehouse, or to
bring the ground level bakehouse up to a reasonable standard, summonses were
issued against him and proved at the local Petty Sessions, and the owner fined.
Since that time the owner has sold the business, the underground bakehouse
is no longer used, and the remainder of the premises are now satisfactory.
During the year under review the implementation of the above Regulations, for
which the Council is responsible, has gone satisfactorily and well. A
considerable amount of whole egg, shrimps, prawns and cooked chicken meat have
been imported into this Borough and, generally speaking, have satisfied the
required tests. In the relatively few cases where it has not been found possible
to release a consignment for distribution in this country, the Importers have either
exported the consignment to one of the European Continental countries or returned
it to the country of origin, which has usually been China.

The following samples were submitted to the Public Health Laboratory for examination:-

Number of samples
Pasteurised frozen whole egg(China)538
Pasteurised frozen whole egg(Australia)86
Frozen hen egg white(China)68
Headless uncooked prawns(China)22
Crab meat(China)8
Peeled uncooked prawns(Pakistan)24
Cooked chicken meat(Yugoslavia)30
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