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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Part VIII of the ActOutwork (Sections 133 and 134)

Nature of WorkNumber of outworkers in August list required by Section 110 (1) (c) (3)
Making, cleaning, washing, altering, ornamenting, finishing and repairing of wearing apparel164
Making of curtains and furniture hangings18
Making of boxes or other receptacles or parts thereof, made wholly or partially of paper, cardboard, chip or similar material11
Making of stuffed toys16
Making or filling of cosaques, Christmas crackers, Christmas stockings or similar articles or parts of articles3
Manufacture of lampshades other than lampshades made wholly of metal, glass or stone21
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No Notices were served or Prosecutions instituted.
At the beginning of the year there remained to be dealt with some properties
which were included in the 1961-1965 Slum Clearance Programme.
During the year the following properties were represented as unfit
Nos. 25-31 (odd) Canterbury Grove
Nos. 1-18 (cons) Waylett Place

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