London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The number of inspections, etc. of offensive trades premises were:-

Tripe Boilers71825
Fur Skin Dresser6410
Gut Scrapers7916
Fat Melter51116
Licensed Slaughterhouse52530

Diseases of Animals Act, 1935-1950
Anthrax Order 1938
In May notice was received from the London County Council that 2½cwts. of cooked
meat had been delivered from Pembrokeshire to premises in the Borough., Since its
despatch, information had been obtained that this consignment was possibly Anthrax
contaminated and a Notice declaring and defining the premises in the Borough was
issued by the County Council. Arrangements were made with this Department for the meat
in question to be destroyed by incineration and the vehicle which carried the meat to
be disinfected. Both were carried out under the personal direction of the County Council
Official concerned. Upon completion, Notice of withdrawal was issued and normal work
Pharmacy and Poisons Act, 1933
During the year the Poisons List Order 1962 and the Poisons Rules 1962 were made by
the Home Secretary. The Order added inter alia certain substances to the Poisons lists
and the Rules imposed appropriate requirements and the restrictions on the sale of special
Number of listed sellers of Part 2 Poisons other than Pharmacists 157
Number of initial registrations during the year 7
Number of visits and inspections 11
Rag Flock and other Filling Materials Act, 1951.
Number of premises on register (Section 2, for Upholstery) 50
Number of Licences issued (under section 7 for the Storage of Rag Flock) Nil
Number of inspections and visits 40
Consumer Protection Act, 1961
Oil Heater Regulations. 1962
The Oil Heaters Regulations 1962 came into force during the year. These imposed
certain requirements in relation to domestic space heaters which burn kerosene (paraffin
oil) and are not designed for use with a flue, and subject to certain exemptions no
person may sell or let on hire or hire purchase or have in his possession for sale or
such letting, any oil heater or a component part of an oil heater not complying with the