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Islington 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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In one case a disused lift shaft was occupied by pigeons for nesting purposes. The
nuisance was abated by proofing the exterior of the lift shaft with close mesh chicken
wire and forming a barrier of similar material at second floor level to prevent the
birds entering from the open yard and flying into the shaft.
Where it has been necessary for the pigeon catcher to be engaged, the methods used
have been in accordance with those approved by the R. S.P.C.A. and the Public Health
Inspector is given prior information when the treatment is about to take place.
Public Health (London) Act, 1936 (Part IV)
Offensive Trades
During the year Messrs. J. H. Henson vacated 14/18 Market Road having purchased
22/24 Vale Royal and the site of 26/40 Vale Royal. The Company constructed a more
modern building on the site and an Establishment Order was approved by the Council in
respect of the trades of a tripe boiler and a fat melter respectively.
The Gut Scraping business at 3, Old Slaughter Houses has discontinued.
Upon complaints being received it was confirmed that the premises at the rear of
338 Hornsey Road were being used for the business of fat melter. This was unauthorised
and upon the Company concerned being informed that they were liable to prosecution,
the business ceased and the equipment removed to premises in another Borough which were
approved for this purpose.
Details of the respective offensive trades in the Borough are as follows -
(a) 2 Tripe Boilers:
26/40 Vale Royal, Messrs. J.L. Henson Ltd.
22/24 Vale Royal, Messrs. J.L. Henson Ltd.
(b) 1 Knacker:
18/20, Vale Royal - Messrs. Harrison Barber & Co. Ltd.
(c) 1 Fur Skin Dresser:
24, Bracey Street - Messrs. J. & A. Fischer Ltd.
(d) 5 Gut Scrapers:
12, Old Slaughterhouses -Universal Casings Co. Ltd.
13, Old Slaughterhouses - Messrs Armour & Co. Ltd.
15, Old Slaughterhouses - Messrs. Wm. Menzies Ltd
5, Tileyard Road Messrs. C. Edwards & Son, Ltd.
Tileyard Road - Messrs. Tracey & Co. Ltd.
(e) 2 Fat Melters;
16, Old Slaugnterhouses - Messrs. Wm. Menries Ltd.
26/40 Vale Royal - Messrs. J.L. Henson Ltd.
(f) 1 Slaughterer:
180, York Way - Messrs. Harrison Barber & Co. Ltd
This slaughterhouse was the subject of 282 visits for the inspection of meat.
(g) The Council approved the issue of a licence under section 145 in respect of
the receiving of carcasses of dead horses for human consumption at
14/16, Vale Royal - Messrs. Harrison Barber & Co, Ltd.