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Islington 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Factories Act, 1961 - Section 70
Basement Bakehouses
Certificates of suitability as required by Section 70 of the Factories Act, 1961
continued to be in force in respect of 9 basement bakehouses at the following addresses -
76 Caledonian Road, N.1
8 Danbury Street, N.1
54 Archway Road, N
146 Blackstock Road, N
3 Cardwell Terrace, N
7, Junction Road, N
59 Junction Road, N
77 Newington Green Road, N
123 Newington Green Road, N
Public Health (London) Act, 1936
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937
Noise Abatement Act, 1960 - Noise Nuisance
Complaints continued to be received due to the use of power machines in domestic
premises, usually by immigrants. Noises also occurred arising from the use of radio and
a juke box but upon investigation all complaints were resolved satisfactorily for the
time being.
A petition was received from residents in one area who complained of noise due to
industrial encroachment in the vicinity. The London County Council were informed as it
was possible that this encroachment may have been unauthorised.
A factory was the subject of a complaint due to the noise from the loud-speaker
network. The management was approached and the loud-speaker in question re-sited and
the nuisance abated.
Arising from complaints received from the use of an extraction fan in a cafe late
at night and the banging of car doors in the early hours of the morning two Inspectors
kept the premises under observation between 12 40 a.m.and 2 00 a.m. The Inspectors
reported that Taxis were coming and going and as many as 43 were parked at one time in
the road outside the premises during this period. Noise was confirmed, due to the
slamming of doors, talking and the revving up of the engines. The proprietors were cooperative
and steps taken to mitigate the nuisance No further complaints have been
A night visit was paid to another cafe when contravention of the Pood Hygiene
Regulations was found. Appropriate action was taken.
Investigations were also made into noise arising from the revving up of engines
during the early hours of the morning by lorries parked overnight in certain districts
Number of complaints received 105
Number of inspections 307
Number of confirmed cases abated 60
Public Health (London) Act, 1936. Section 121
Protection of Birds Act, 1954
Pigeon Nuisances
The Council renewed the authority of the Pigeon Catcher and engaged him to give
specific treatment where nuisances arose from the congregation of pigeons. Pigeons
are frequently encouraged to congregate in certain areas by residents and passers by
feeding these birds.