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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The year was distinguished by the holding of two major exhibitions, the first on the
subject of "Clean Air" and the second on "Safety in the Home".
"Clean Air" Exhibition
In view of the coming into operation of the first two Smoke Control Areas in Islington
on 1st September, 1960 (see page 42 ), the Public Health Committee approved the holding
of an Exhibition for the purpose of giving publicity to the requirements of the Clean Air Act,
and to the alternative means of space heating which could be installed and the fuels approved
for use.
The Exhibition was formally opened on 25th May, and Her Worship the Mayor of Islington,
Councillor Mrs. A.M. Seeley, presided for the occasion. Dr. Eric Fletcher, Member of Parliament
for East Islington, kindly agreed to open the Exhibition formally. Among those invited were
representatives of the County Council, Metropolitan Boroughs, the Borough of Hornsey, and others.
Publicity matter in respect of the Exhibition was distributed to every householder in the Smoke
Control Areas.
Very ready co-operation in this project was obtained from the Solid Smokeless Fuels
Federation, the London Electricity Board, the North Thames Gas Board, and Shell-Mex and BP. Ltd.,
each of whom provided and equipped a stand dealing with their own forms of heating, and the
London County Council Architect's Department provided a stand on the subject of fire precautions
and those aspects of adaptations which are affected by the London Building (Constructional)
Byelaws, 1952.
The Islington Public Health Department stand was fitted up to illustrate
(1) The Problem i.e. the public health dangers of atmospheric pollution, and
(2) The Solution as provided by the requirements of the Clean Air Act.
In equipping this stand the Public Health Department, in addition to its own resources,
obtained contributions also from:-
Medical Research Council Group for
Research on Atmospheric Pollution,
St Bartholomews' s Hospital
Meteorological Office, Air Ministry.
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
A cinema projection unit was also provided for the showing of appropriate films.
"Safety in the Hone" Exhibition.
This Exhibition, designed to draw public attention to the ever-growing need for accident
prevention in the home, was held from the 5th to 15th October, and was opened by Dr. C. A. Boucher,
O.B. E., a Principal Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health.
The London County Council, London Electricity Board, and the North Thames Gas Board were
again prominent exhibitors, and other stands were provided and equipped by the Royal Northern
Hospital, the Whittington Hospital, and the Oil Appliance Manufacturers' Association; while most
useful contributions were received from the North London Association of Ophthalmic Opticians
on the subject of good lighting and good sight, Messrs. Proban Ltd., the Luton Home Safety
Committee and the Northern Polytechnic in respect of non-flammable fabrics and garments, and
St. Bartholomew' s Hospital on the subject of safety in regard to drugs and medicines.

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