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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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The following table shows the work carried out during the year arising from the complaints received, and in connection with 16 blocks which were surveyed.

ComplaintBlock SurveyTotal
Business premises inspected131664795
Dwelling houses inspected116119235
Local authority premises inspected213
Business premises treated6565
Dwelling houses treated7070
Local authority premises treated112
Business premises, inspection visits185683868
Business premises, treatment visits386386
Dwelling houses, inspection visits195120315
Dwelling houses, treatment visits508508
Local authority, inspection visits44
Local authority, treatment visits8614
Total visits1,2868092,095
Estimated kill (rattus norvegicus)184184
Bodies recovered (rattus norvegicus)8181
Estimated kill (rattus rattus)1414
Bodies recovered (rattus rattus)44
Estimated kill (mice)78212794
Bodies recovered (mice)2134217
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Baiting of Sewers Two treatments were carried out during the year, the results of which are shewn below. In both treatments sausage rusk plus2½% zinc phosphide was used.

TreatmentNo. of ManholesNo. of bodies found
No.DateBaitedShowing pre-bait takeTotal poison take
1April, 1960240211186187
2October, 1960249212197192
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Disinfecting Station The arrangement whereby Holborn undertakes to carry out all disinfecting, disinfes-tation and cleansing work for the City of Westminster continued during the year. The figures below relate to work done for Holborn only.

Number of rooms disinfected after tuberculosis3
Number of rooms disinfected after other infectious diseases89
Total number of rooms disinfected after infectious disease92
Number of articles of bedding and clothing disinfected after tuberculosis234
Number of articles of bedding and clothing disinfected after other infectious diseases2,539
Total number of articles disinfected after infectious disease2,773
Number of books disinfected after infectious disease103
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