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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Rodent Control
Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, 1949
This Act lays a duty upon a local authority to see that their district is kept free from
rats and mice. It empowers them to carry out inspections and to require owners and
occupiers to keep their land and premises free from infestation. Occupiers are required
to give notification in writing of infestation by rats or mice to the local authority.

Report for 12 months ended 31st December, 1960 The following particulars were supplied to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in accordance with Circular POP/1961/2 dated 3rd February, 1961:—

Type of Property
Local AuthorityDwelling HousesAgriculturalAll other (including Business and Industrial)Total
1. Total number of properties in Local Authority's District136,0167,30913,338
II. Number of properties inspected as a result (a) of notification (b) survey, or (c) otherwise(a) 28694182
b) 1119664784
(c) -303767
III. Total inspections carried out including re-inspections18823_1,2542,095
IV. Number of properties (under II) found to be infested by:—
(a) RatsMajor*
(b) MiceMajor*_77
V. Number of infested properties (under IV) treated by the Local Authority27065137
VI. Number of notices served under Section 4—
(1) Treatment
(2) Structural works (i.e. Proofing)_____
VII. Number of cases in which default action was taken by Local Authority following issue of notice under Section 4
VIII. Legal Proceedings
IX. Number of " block" control schemes carried out16 " blocks " surveyed.
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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* "Major " includes properties with an estimated population exceeding 20 rats or mice,
† "Minor " includes properties with an estimated population not exceeding 20 rats or mice.
During 1960, 182 complaints of rat or mice infestation were received and investigated.

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