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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Number of rooms disinfested of vermin 202
Number of articles of bedding and clothing disinfested of vermin 3,513
Summary of 6,286 articles of bedding and clothing dealt with during the year:—
Pillow Cases120
Bolster Cases24
Other Bedding77
Number of persons treated for scabies19
Number of persons treated for head lice1
Number of persons treated for body lice24
Number of persons treated for crab lice36
Number of persons cleansed12
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Aged Persons
The National Assistance Acts, 1948 and 1951, provide that, where certified by the
Medical Officer of Health to be necessary for the purpose of securing the proper care
and attention for persons who
(a) are suffering from grave chronic disease or, being aged, infirm or physically
incapacitated, are living in insanitary conditions, and
(b) are unable to devote to themselves, and are not receiving from other persons,
proper care and attention,
a local authority may apply to a court of summary jurisdiction for an order to secure the
removal of such aged and infirm persons.
There were no cases arising during the year which called for action under the above
Acts by the Public Health Department, but visits were made in connection with the
voluntary removal of aged and infirm persons living alone, to hospitals or other places
and in connection with the provision for such persons of home nursing and home help
Burial of the Dead
Section 50 of the National Assistance Act, 1948, places upon the Borough Council
the responsibility of causing to be buried or cremated the body of any person who has
died in the area, or been found dead in the area, in any case where it appears that no
suitable arrangements for the disposal of the body are otherwise likely to be made. Such
cases are those of persons who die in poor circumstances, and, with few exceptions, have
no known relatives.
Hospital Management Committees and Boards of Governors of Teaching Hospitals
have been asked by the Minister to exercise their powers to arrange and pay for the burial
or cremation of such persons dying in hospital. This Circular does not apply to voluntary
hospitals, of which there are two in the Borough, namely the French Hospital, Shaftesbury
Avenue, and the Italian Hospital, Queen Square.

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