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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Mass Radiography.—In London, Mass Radiography was
originally carried out under the direction of the London County
Council, but since January, 1948, the responsibility for this service
has rested with the South East Metropolitan Regional Hospital
Introduced primarily for the early detection of Tuberculosis,
the Mass Radiography service is responsible for revealing many
other chest malformations and disabilities which would doubtless
have remained undetected perhaps for years.
As a direct consequence of the diagnosis of these ailments
treatment is made possible at a very early stage, thereby enabling
a much more favourable prognosis to be entertained.
Although no major surveys were undertaken, 25 short visits
were carried out in the Borough during the year by the South East
London Mass Radiography Unit and I am indebted to Dr. J. M.
Morgan, the Director for the following analysis of the results
received so far :—

Summary of Surveys Carried Out in the Borough from 1st January to 31st December. 1961. PART I.—General Analysis

(a) Total X-rayed6,0813476,428
(b) Total previously X-rayed(within 5 years)5,5971995,796
(c) Total number reviewed3708378
(d) Number considered abnormal after review2375242
(e) Not yet attended after review44

PART II.—Analysis of Abnormal Films (1) Cases considered tuberculous and referred for further investigation:

(a) No further action required
(b) Occasional supervision718
(c) Requiring close supervision or treatment10212
(d) Still under investigation
(e) Refused further investigation