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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Although many infectious diseases are still prevalent especially
among children, they have not been responsible, apart from Polio
myelitis, for any deaths or, to any material extent, prolonged ill
health or disability during the five years under review. Most diseases
have been mild and even Diphtheria which re-appeared in the Borough in
1958 and 1959 adopted the character of a mild disease.
Dysentery in the Nurseries and Schools was often troublesome to
eradicate. Tuberculosis has now, fortunately, been displaced from its
importance as a fearsome social evil.
All cases are visited by the Nurse Visitor, and general advice
has been given on the precautions that need to be taken in its control
letters from the Medical Officer of Health setting out some of the
principle points being delivered by her. Detailed enquiries are made
as well as arrangements for the examination of contacts, and their
exclusion as well as the patient from school or work where appropriate.
In the occasional case where it may be desirable to exclude a contact
from work the appropriate certificate under the National Insurance
Act is given.
These visits are of considerable value in limiting the spread of
infections, and are in the main, greatly appreciated both by the
Doctors and the patients or their parents. In some cases where it may
appear to the Visitor that further medical treatment is necessary, the
calling in of medical advice has been recommended.
In 1960 2,132 visits were paid by the Nurse Visitor.

The following table shows the incidence of notifiable diseases in 1960.

All AgesUnder 1 yr1-4 yrs5-14 yrs15-24 yrs25-44 yrs45-64 yrs65-Cases treated in Hosp.
Food Poinsoning73110102417742
Gastro-Enteritis (under 2 yrs)151056
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