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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Details of legal proceedings instituted in 1960 are:-

Under Food Hygiene Regulations 1955:
24.3.606 Barnsbury RoadThirteen contraventions in respect of conditions in basement bakehouse.Pined £50 on first summons. Fined £5 on remaining 12 summons Total £110, Costs £5.5s. 0d.
26.4.60337 St. John St.Eleven contraventions in respect of conditions in sausage factory.Summons withdrawn on ceasing to use premises.
Under Section 16(1) Food & Drugs Act 1955:
26.4.60337 St. John StreetUsing unregistered premises for the preparation of sausages for sale.Fined £10. Costs £5.55. 0d.
Under Section 2 Food & Drugs Act 1955.
26.1.6023 Exmouth MarketSelling non-brewed condiment 10% deficient in Acetic Acid.Fined £5. Costs £5.5s.0d.
5.9.602a Chapel MarketSelling a mouldy chicken pie.Fined £20. Costs £10.10s.0d.
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