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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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All AgesUnder 1 yr1-4 yrs5-14 yrs15-24 yrs25-44 yrs45-64 yrs65-Cases treated In Hosp.
Meningococcal Infections2112
Pneumonia (Acute Primary)453853161041
Pneumonia (Acute Influenzal)52215
Poliomyelitis (Paralytic)111
Puerperal Pyrexia413
Scarlet Fever462124119
Tuberculosis (Pulmonary)3029136
Tuberculosis (Other forms)6141
Whooping Cough791540221131
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There were two outbreaks of Diphtheria which occurred in the 5
year period, which may or may not have had any connection. The first
was in 1958 and involved three schools and a few house contacts of the
children concerned and involved 12 cases and 18 carriers. None of
the cases were seriously ill.
The second outbreak was in 1959 and involved one school in this
Borough and one school in Islington. There were 50 cases and 30
carriers, and one child and one adult were seriously ill but both
recovered satisfactorily. The full accounts of these two outbreaks
were given in the Annual reports for 1958 and 1959 respectively.
There was no knowledge of any case or carrier in the years 1956
and 1957 nor in 1960.
Outbreaks in the schools and nurseries in the Borough, have
continued to occur throughout the period under review. In general
there were very few cases of serious illness but a considerable degree
of discomfort resulted in some instances and the presence of the
disease has led to much minor social disturbance and concern. There
has been a tendency for the infection to spread in the Homes to other
members of the families involved. It is probable that it is in this
way that the infection spreads from one institution to another

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