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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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On the whole, whilst completely satisfied that food conditions
are satisfactory, probably more so than at any other time, since the
war, when some spread of Salmonellosis took place from which the
country has not yet recovered, nevertheless it is clear that constant
supervision is imperative. It may be noted that no case has been
traced in this Borough during these five years, as aresult of infection
directly or indirectly from frozen eggs, or from dessicated coconut
which elsewhere have been a source of considerable concern.
Bacteriological examinations of a number of foodstuffs have been
As stated above 73 cases were notified during 1960, and there
were no deaths. In one family outbreak involving two cases the agent
identified was Salmonella Enteriditis and in the outbreak in the
hostel with 28 cases the agent was thought to be Co Welchii. There
were six other small family outbreaks involving 17 individuals. where
the agent was not identified.
Of the remaining individual cases the only agents identified were
in one case Salmonella Brandenburg, in two cases Salmonella Typhi
murium and two cases Salmonella Enteriditis.The food suspected
included Oranges; doughnuts; veal & ham pie; mushrooms; ice lollies;
jellied eels; salmon salad; reheated chop; chicken; tinned pink salmon;
cream buns.

Since 1955 legal proceedings have been taken in respect of 22 cases under the Food & Drugs Act or the Food Hygiene Regulations and these are summarized below. A conviction was secured in all but one case, that for selling a mouldy apple turnover. A summary of these is:-

Mouldy foodstuffs5
Foreign bodies not necessarily associated with faulty hygiene such as nails6
Foreign bodies usually associated with faulty hygiene such as flies4
Quality of vinegar or nonbrewed condiment3
Margarine used in "buttered"rolls1
Unhygienic conditions in bakehouses1
Sale of milk from unregistered premises1
Manufacture of sausages on unregistered premises1
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