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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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By the London County Council:

*Percival Estate (Crayle House)22 flats
By the City Corporation:
Golden Lane Estate (Bowater House 30, Bayer House 30, Gt. Arthur House 120, Stanley Cohen House 32, Basterfield House 54, *House 56)322 flats
By Housing Associations:
Peabody Estate (Block D Roscoe St. 24.
Fortune House 16, 1-11 Fortune St. 6.
Peabody Tower 52, St. Mary Tower 52.
Peabody Court 42)192 flats
By Private Owners:
Arlington House19 flats
*10, 13/14 & 34/35 Wynyatt Street14 "
*Keen House, Calshot Street 11 "
40 flatsTotal
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A Grand Total of 1.151 flats of which 333 were completed in 1960.
During the last five years, 45 certificates of Habitation under
Section 95 of the Public Health (London) Act 1936, were issued of
which ten were issued in 1960.
Regular house to house inspections have been carried out during
the last five years mainly in connection with plans and proposals for
slum clearance Due to the interval in the programme necessitated by
the difficulties of rehousing following the representation of the
large King Square area, and to the depletion of staff, the number of
inspections namely 26„ was however lower in 1960 than in previous
years. The tabular statement prepared in accordance with the Housing
Consolidated Regulations 1925-32 is as follows:-
No of houses considered on inspection to be unfit for human
No of houses wherein defects were remedied by informal action
No, of representations made with a view to:-
(a) serving notices requiring the execution of work.
(b) making demolition or closing orders.

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