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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The estimated number of dwellings in the borough at the end of
1960 was 9.980 (9,497) consisting of 3.079 (3,583) houses, 6.886
(5.866) flats and 15 (48) huts. The houses are mostly privately
owned Ownership of the flats is as follows:-
Pinsbury Borough Council
London County Council
City Corporation
Metropolitan Police
Housing Associations
Private Ownership
The figures in brackets refer to the corresponding estimates for 1955,
From these estimates it is seen that the total number of dwellings
has remained about the same, but that the number of houses has fallen
considerably and the number of flats has however increased As many
of the houses which have been demolished were in multi-occupation, the
total number of families accommodated has fallen Although the
population estimates cannot at the moment be taken as final, there has
probably been some fall in the density of population in the Borough,
but they themselves have not been considerable.
The construction of new housing accommodation has continued since
1955 at what may be considered a rapid rate. The following table lists
the new properties completed in the 5 year period, those marked with
an asterisk having been completed in 1960.

By the Finsbury Borough Council:

Priory Green Estate (Calshot House 19, Wynford House 85)104 flats
19-24 Wynyatt Street12 "
Amwell House12 "
Brunswick Close Estate (Wyclif Court 64, Emberton Court 71, Brunswick Court 72)207 "
*Pleydell Estate (Gastigny House 29, Grayson House 99, Galway House 102, Palyn House 5, Radnor House 5)240 "
Total575 flats
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