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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Nuisance from Pigeons.
Public Health (London) Act, 1936, Section 121. Power is
given by this section to destroy pigeons causing any nuisance,
annoyance or damage, and last year the Council arranged for
the destruction of those birds which were causing trouble in the
vicinity of one of the elementary schools in the Borough, and the
Town Hall. Altogether 215 pigeons were destroyed.
Beetles in a Silk Warehouse.
The aid of the Department was sought last year in connection
with the infestation of the offices of a firm, engaged in the
silk trade, with beetles. The office portion of the establishment
only was affected, but the proprietors were anxious less they
should be of a type which might infest the silk goods.
The beetles were found to be the ordinary bacon beetle, Dermestes
Lardarius, which attacks bacon and ham and many other
dried products of an animal origin, skins, etc. It is quite a wellknown
pest of silk, both in Italy and France, and in certain silk
factories it has given some trouble, and it has also been fed on silk
The firm in question only dealt, however, in artificial silk,
and no evidence was found that the beetle in question had been
injurious to this product.
Noise (London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937.
By Section 66 of this Act a noise nuisance shall be a nuisance
which may be dealt with summarily under the Public Health
(London) Act, 1936.
It should be noted that no complaint to a court shall be
effective unless it is made by not less than three persons, either
householders or occupiers of premises within hearing of the noise
nuisance which is the subject of the complaint.
Further, in any proceedings, it is a good defence to show that
the best practical means have been used to prevent or mitigate
the nuisance, due regard being paid to the cost and other relevant
Six complaints of noise were received last year, but no action
under the Act was taken.

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