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Kensington 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington Borough.


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    1931 1951 1961
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    The Census revealed the number of persons per acre in the various wards of the borough and the density of room-occupation as follows:-
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    The following table shows birthplaces and nationalities of the population in Kensington as revealed by the Census:-
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    Household Domestic Arrangements
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    The following table gives the number of population in the 9 wards of the borough as ascertained in the 1961 Census:-
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    Medicinal Baths (Personal Cleansing Station) The following table shows the work carried out during 1962 at both the Kensington and the Hammersmith Medicinal Baths:-
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    Prevalence of Rats and Mice
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    The rodent staff deal with infestations from pests other than rats and mice, and the following is a summary of all action taken during the years:-
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    The distribution of the cases in Division 1 is shown in the following table:-
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    The following is the programme of smoke control areas adopted by the Council with the object of securing that the whole of Kensington is controlled by 1970. The map of the borough following page 21 indicates the various areas.
    Smoke Control AreaBoundariesDetailed Survey & Order MadeOrder operative
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    Smoke Control AreaBoundariesDetailed Survey & Order MadeOrder operative
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    By the beginning of 1962 the following areas had been declared:
    Smoke Control AreaDate Declared by CouncilAcre-ageTotal No. of: (1) Dwellings (2) All Build- ingsEstimated No. of Fireplaces needing con-versionTotal estimated cost of conversionsDate from which Order operates
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    A. Deposit Gauges
    Month 1962Days ExposedRainfall (ins.)Total deposits for period in tons per square mile.
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    Average daily deposits in tons per square mile for the year as a whole were:-
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    Milligrams of sulphur trioxide per day
    Month 1962Days ExposedNorth KensingtonSouth Kensington
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    C. Readings taken from the two monthly stations in Kensington have been taken for nine years and the following table com-pares the annual results:-
    YearNo. of days exposedTotal weight of deposited matter in tons per square mileDaily average of sulphur in milligrams of sulphur trioxide
    North KensingtonSouth KensingtonNorth KensingtonSouth Kensington
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    The following is a summary of the action taken:-
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    In the main, the reason for cancellation after approval by the Chairman was ill health.
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    tde following statement shows tde progress of tde service and financial effect since tde inception of tde schemes:-
    PeriodNumber of MealsGross CostReceipts from old peopleSubsidy from L.C.C.Grant from R.B.K.Net Cost
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    The following is a summary of the work carried out by the Council's women health officers in connection with the care of old people during the year 1962:-
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    The following is a summary of the principal works completed under the supervision of the public health inspectors during the year:-
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    The following table gives details of the clearance areas declared by the Council since 1950, when slum clearance work under the Housing Acts was recommenced.
    Name of AreaDate of DeclarationNo. of housesNo. of persons displaced
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    Applications for improvement (discretionary) grants received and dealt with during 1962 are summarised as follows:-
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    Part I- Applications for Certificates of Disrepair
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    Part II - Applications for cancellation of Certificates
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    Housing Properties
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    Other Properties
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    Part I of the Act 1 - INSPECTIONS for the purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by public health inspectors)
    PremisesNo. on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    2 - Cases in which DEFECTS were found. (if defects are discovered at the premises on two, three or more separate occasions, they should be reckoned as two, three or more "cases.")
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects wereNo. of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    Outwork (Sections 133 and 134)
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    The following table gives a summary of the factories on the Council's register at the end of the year, indicating the types of business carried on, whether or not mechanical power is used, and where situated - i.e. North or South Kensington:-
    Factory - BusinessNorth KensingtonSouth Kensington
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    DETAILS OF LEGAL PROCEEDINGS TAKEN UNDER FOOD HYGIENIC REGULATIONS IN 1962 As requested by Ministry of Health Circular 22/58
    Date of HearingOffenceRegu-lationsResult
    FinedCosts awarded to Council
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    DETAILS OF LEGAL PROCEEDINGS TAKEN UNDER FOOD HYGIENIC REGULATIONS IN 1962 As requested by Ministry of Health Circular 22/58
    Date of HearingOffenceRegu-lationsResult
    FinedCosts awarded to Council
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    Date of HearingOffenceRegulationsResult
    FinedCosts awarded to Council
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    * Additional inspections of the premises (not primarily in connection with the sale of ice-cream) are recorded under different headings in the following table.
    Food premises (all categories)No. of PremisesNo. of Inspections
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    The following table shows the number of samples of Tuberculin Tested (Farm Bottled) milk and processed milks taken during the year, together with the results of examinations
    DesignationNo. of SamplesMethylene blue testPhosphatase testTurbidity test
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    The following table shows the percentages of milk fat and non-fatty solids of the genuine samples of milk, other than Channel Islands and South Devon milks, taken during each month:-
    MonthNo. of Samples takenAverage Percentages
    Milk FatsNon-fat Solids
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    The following table shows the average percentages of milk fat and non-fat solids of the genuine samples taken during each month-
    MonthNo. of Samples takenAverage percentages
    Milk FatsNon-fat solids
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    During the year the following amounts of food were surrendered and condemned as unfit for human consumption:-
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    The following table shows the number of samples (13 ice cream and 5 dairy ice cream) taken during 1962 for chemical analysis compared with those taken in the previous year:-
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    During the year 15 samples of ice cream were also taken and submitted to the methylene blue test. The results are as follows:-
    GradeNo. of samples
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    The following table gives a summary of all cases (notified or not) brought to notice during 1962:-
    Food poisoning notifications (corrected)
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    Particulars of outbreaks:-
    No. of outbreaksNo. of casesTotal cases
    Family OutbreaksOther OutbreaksNotifiedOtherwise ascertained
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    Single cases:-
    No. of casesTotal cases
    NotifiedOtherwise ascertained
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    In order to show some perspective in reviewing the incidence of puerperal pyrexia (defined as any febrile condition occurring in a woman in whom a temperature of 100.4°F. or more has occurred within fourteen days after childbirth or miscarriage), the following table gives an analysis of the causes of pyrexia in the notified cases:-
    CauseNo. of cases
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    A more accurate investigation in the following years indicated that, of the new cases and "inward transfers" reported in the borough, the proportions who were immigrants contracting the disease in the first ten years of arrival, were as follows:-
    YearProportion Per cent.
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    Notifiable diseaseNumber of cases notified
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    TABLE 2
    Notifiable DiseaseNumber of Cases Notified in 1962 Age Groups in Tears
    Under 11 to 23 to 45 to 910 to 1415 to 2425 & over
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    TABLE 3
    Notifiable DiseaseTotal cases notified in each Ward in 1962
    St. CharlesGolborneNorlandPembridgeHollandEarls CourtQueens GateRedcliffeBrampton