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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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As there are no vacant sites in the Borough suitable for
working class houses, there is no prospect of building by private
enterprise, and so far as I am aware only six houses were erected
during 1932 by private individuals.
The London County Council have completed the erection of
Dombey House and Copperfield House, providing 65 flats in all,
and two further blocks are in course of erection.

The following premises are in course of erection by the Council:β€”

Position.No. of Flats
Acorn Walk Extension22
Amos Estate, Rotherhithe Street48 and 5 shops
Lavender House, Rotherhithe Street29
Redriff Estate, Rotherhithe Street42
Aylwin Estate, Grange Walk14
Silver Street Flats36
Millpond Estate, Gilhams Court16
Vauban Street18 and 3 shops
Fort Road (Stansfeld Estate)49
Crosby Row36

No new premises have been purchased, leased or converted.
So far as overcrowding is concerned, I have no fresh facts to
report. The position does not seem to me to improve, and the
number of overcrowded families known to us in the Borough is
practically the same as last year. The figures are as follows:β€”
Overcrowded families desiring local accommodation 1,100
Other families desiring local accommodation 806
Total 1,906

Underground Rooms.β€”The number of underground rooms in the Borough is shown in the following table:β€”

Living onlyLiving and sleepingSleeping onlyTotal