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St Pancras 1918

Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1918

Higgins, T. Shadick.

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    In the table below the notified births are classified (in Registration Sub-Districts and Wards) according to the person in attendance upon the mother in her confinement, or where the confinement was in an institution, the institution.
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    The leading causes of mortality are set out for the ten years, 1908-1917, in the following table, in which the number of deaths from the respective causes during 1918 may be compared with the corresponding figures for the past ten years.
    Diseases.1908190919101911191219131914191519161917Average for 10 years.1918
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    1918. Nett Deaths from stated causes at various Ages under 1 Year of Age.
    CAUSE OF DEATH.Under 1 week.1—2 weeks.2—3 weeks.3—4 weeks.Total under 4 weeks.4 weeks & under 3 months.3 months & under 6 months.6 months & under 9 months.9 months & under 12 months.Total Deaths under 1 year.
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    The figures have not been corrected for subsequent revision of diagnosis.
    DISEASES.At all Ages.At Ages—Years.
    Under i.1 and [ under 5.5 and under 10.10 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 65.65 and upwards.
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    In the following table the number of notifications are set forth for the past 10 years : —
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    The notifications of, and deaths from, the notifiable infectious diseases, are classified in the following table according to their Wards and Registration Sub-Districts:—
    INFECTIOUS DISEASES.Notifications.Deaths.
    West. WardSouth WardEast Ward.North. WardNo Address.w hole Borough.West. WardSouth. WardEast.; WardNorth. WardNo Address.Whole Boroueh.
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    centre.Attendances.Visits by Trained Visitors.Infant Consultations.Expectant Mothers Consultations.Visitors.
    Expectant Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Children.
    New cases.Total attendances.New cases.Total attendances.First visits.Total visits.First visits.Total Visits.Per week.Total.Per week.Total.Whole Time.Part Time.
    Under 1 yearOver 1 year.Total.Under 1 year.Over 1 year.Total.
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    Midwifihy Work. "Extern" Midwifery. —The number of St. Pancras mothers attended gratuitously at their confinements in their own homes during 1918, according to the birth notifications, was as follows:—
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    "Intern" Midwifery. —The number of St. Pancras births which took place in hospitals were as follows:—
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    Governemnts Grants. Government Grants were made during the year ended March 31st, 1919, in r. spect of Maternity and Child Welfare as follows :—
    From the Local Government Board:—£s.d.
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    The cases are classified below according to the manner in which the mothers were attended at their confinement.
    Attended at birth bycases of Ophthalmia Neonatorum.Total number of births notified.No. of cases per 1000 births notified.
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    In the following table the cases are classified according to the manner in which the patients were attended in their confinements :
    Confinement attended byNo. of cases of Puerperal Fever.Total number of births notified.No. of oases per 1000 births.
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    Public H ealth ( T uberculosis) R egulations, 1912. Summary of Notification during the period from 31st December, 1917, to the 28th December , 1918 (inclusive).
    Age Periods.Number of Notifications on Form A,Number of Notifications on Form B.Number of Notifications on Form c.Number of Notifications on Form D.
    Primary Notifications.Total Notifications (i.e.,including cases previously notified by other Doctors).Primary Notifications.Total Notifications (i.e,, including cases previou ly notified t y other Doctors).Poor Law Institutions.Sanatoria.Poor Law Institutions.Sanatoria.
    0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6505 and upwards.Total.Under 55 to 1010 to 15Total.
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    Public H ealth ( T uberculosis) R egulations, 1912. Summary of Notification during the period from 31st December, 1917, to the 28th December , 1918 (inclusive).
    Ags Periods.Number of Primary Notifications on Form C. included in above.Number of Primary Notifications on Form D. included in above.
    0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4045 to 5555 to 6565 and upwards.Total.0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 555 S to 0565 and unwnrds.Total.
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    This is equal to a death-rate of 2.76 (2.29 pulmonary, 0.47 non-pulruonary), per 1000 civilian population. The deaths are classified in the following table:—
    0-1l-55-1515-2525-3535-4545-5555-6565-7575-8585 up.Total Males.0-11-55-1515-2525-3535-4545-5555-6565 - 7575-8585 up.Total Females.Total Persons.
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    In the next table the new cases notified during 1918 are similarly classified.
    Location of Disease.Ages.Total.
    0-55-1515 and upwards.
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    In the following table is shown the number of notifications received and deaths occurring, together with the notification and death-rates from Tuberculosis for the past ten years:—
    Year.Estimated Populatien.Primary Notifications.Deaths.Notification Rate.Death Rate
    Phthisis.Other forms.All forms.Phthitis.Other forms.All forms.Phthisis.Other forms.All forms.Phthisis.Other formsAll forms.
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    Treatment of Tuberculosis. The work done during 1918 at the approved tuberculosis dispensaries, which are completely subsidised by the Borough Council and through them by the Local Government Board, the London County Council and the London Insurance Committee, is shown in the following table based on returns supplied by the dispensaries:—
    Tuberculosis Dispensary at University College Hospital.Tuberculosis Dispensary at St-Pancras Dispensary 39, Oakley SquareBronch Tubercu-losis Dispensary of St. Pancras Dispensary at 18.2, Maiden Road.
    Insured persons.Uninsured persons.Total.Insured persons.Uninsured persons.Total.Insured persons.Uninsured persons.Total.
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    The following is a summary of the nasal cases known to have been discovered during 1918, and confirmed bacteriologically :—
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    The 17 persons notified were treated as follows :—
    Cases notified.Not Typhoid.Diagnosis not contradicted.
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    The cases wore notified or reported as follows : —
    Measles.German measles.
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    In the following table are set out the deaths and death-rates from measles for the past 10 years for the whole borough and the four registration sub-districts.
    Year,Deaths.Rate per 1,000 population.
    West.south.East.North.No addressWhole BoroughWest.South.East.North.Whole Borough
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    Since the influenzal prevalence of 1890-1900 the disease had been comparatively quiescent, as will be seen from the following table showing the yearly number of St. Pancras deathsfrom the disease asfar back as our records extend: —
    Year.Influenza Deaths.Year,Influenza Deaths.YearInfluenza Deaths.
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    The only statistical records of the progress of the disease during the yoar are the weekly returns of death, and in the following table these are set out for influenza (and certain other causes of death which are apt to increase with that disease) for 1918 and part of 1919:—
    Week No.Week endedInfluenza.Diseases of Heart.Bronchitis.Pneumonia.Pulmonary Tuberculosis.Week No.Week endedInfluenza.Diseases of Heait.Bronchitis.Pneumonia.Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
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    In the following table the total deaths from influenza, from the week ended October 5tb, 1918, to the week ended May 3rd, 1919 (the second and third waves), are classified according to age and sex.
    Age periodSecond Wave (Oct. 5,1918—Jan. 25,1919)Third Wave (Feb. 1—May 3, 1919)Total Deaths
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    The duration of the illness (from onset to death), was given as follows, showing the commonest duration in fatal cases to have been about a week:—
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    In the following table will be found the deaths and death-rates from whooping cough for the past ten years for the whole borough and for the four registration sub-districts:—
    Year.Deaths.Rate per 1,000 population.
    West.South.East.North.No addressWhole BoroughWest.South.East.North.Whole Borough
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    In the following table are given the age and sex distribution of deaths certified during 1918 as duo to (a) declared syphilis, (b) locomotor ataxy and general paralysis of the insane, which are believed by most experts to be late manifestations of the disease, and ( c ) aortic aneurysm, which many authorities now consider to be at any rate caused by it:—
    0-10-515-1515 2525—3535—4545—5555—6565—7575—S585 up.Total Males.0-11-55-1515—2525-3535-4545-5555-6565—7575—8585 up.Total Females.Total Persons.
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    The sex distribution of the deaths and death-rates is shown in the following table:—
    Sex.No. of Dgatlis.Death-rates per 1,000 males or females living (based on 1911 Census).
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    In accordance with the Housing (Inspection of District) Regulations, 1910, the following table is submitted for the year 1918:—
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    The following five tables are those asked for by the Home Secretary:— 1. —Inspections made by Male and Female Sanitary Inspectors.
    Premises. (1)Number of
    Inspections. (2)Written Notices. (3)Prosecutions. (4)
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    2.—Defects Found.
    Particulars.Number of Defects.Number of Prosecutions.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.JVi. Inspectors.
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    Workshops on the Register (Sec. 131) at^the end of the year.Nuinbers.
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    5.—Other Matters.
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    The number of factories, workshops and workplaces added to and removed from the register during 1918 was as follows:—
    Added to register.Removed from register.
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    The number of inspections that were made during 101S were as follows:—
    Factory and Workshop Inspector.Woman Sanitary Inspector.Total.
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    750 samples have been taken under these Acts, and 685 of these proved to be genuine and 65, or 8.7 per cent., adulterated. The details are given in the following table:—
    Articles of food of which samples have been taken.Total number samples.Genuine.Adulterated.
  • Page 52
    Summonses —Under the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.
    No. of Sample.Article.Result of Analysis.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    Intimation Notices. 2,307 intimation notices (comprising 4,74-H items) were served by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1918. These were made up as follows —
    District Inspectors.Factory & VVorksbop Inspector.Temporary Women Inspectors.Total.
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    The following prosecutions were undertaken in respcct of general Sanitary work:— Under the Public Health (Loudon) Act, 1891 (except in respect of Food).
    Situation of Property.Offence.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    During the year the following work has been done under this heading:—
    First inspections.Consequent re-inspections.
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    The tests which have been applied to drains during 1918 arc shown in the following table: —
    After Infectious Disease.Upon Complaint.Upon systematic InspectionOld Buildings.New Buildings at completion of work.Total.
    At commencement of work.At completion of work.
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    Dmiiiugc Register. —The following is an analysis of the Drainage Register during 1918:—
  • Page 57
    Water Service. The following notices have been received from the Metropolitan Water Board as to houses from which water has been cut off:—
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    The work done during the year by the disinfecting staff is shown in thf following table:—
    Disease.No. of Cases.No. of Houses.No of Rooms Contents Disinfected or Destroyed.No. of Rooms Sprayed and Fumigated.
  • Page 58
    Below is shown the number of articles destroyed or disinfected during the year on account of infections disease and verininousnes-: —
    Infectious DiseaseVerminousnesk.
  • Page 58
    The following table shows the number of persons cleansed and disinfected after having: been in contact with infectious disease:—
    Males.Femals,Children under 10.
  • Page 58
    Cleansing Station. The amount of work done here during the year is indicated in the following table. The figuras represent the number of attendances. At each attendance the person receives a bath, and his or her clothes are stoved.
    Men.Women.Children under 15.Total.
  • Page 59
    Inquests held durino 1918—
  • Page 59
    The following work has been done by the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chelsea Gardens, S.W.. at the expense of the borough in respect of St. Pancras persons:—
  • Page 61
    Inspections M ade and S amples T aken under the O rders of the F ood C ontroller , 1918.
    Samples.Mr. RackhamMr. Brown.Mr. Dillon.Mr. A leers.Mr. Walljer.Mr. Landen,Mr. James.Mr. affa.Mr. West.Mr. Auger.Mr. Child.All Inspections.In accordance with order.In contravention of order.Warning letters sent.No. of prosecutions.Result of Proceedings
  • Page 64
    Year.Population estimated to middle of each YearCivil Population.Births.Total Deaths Registered in the District.Transferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected Number.Nett.of Nonresidents registered in the District.of Residents not registered in the District.Under 1 Year of Age.At all Ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 Nett Births.Number.Rate.
  • Page 65
    T able N o. 2. D eaths R egistered from all C auses for the Y ear 1918. N ote. — The Deaths of n on - Residents occurring in Public Institutions situated in the Borough are excluded , and the Deaths of Residents occurring in Public institu tions situated beyond Che limits of the Borough are included .
    0 to 1l to 22 to 5Total under 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2525 to 3535. to 151 45 to 5555 to 6565 to 7575 to 8585 and upwards.Totals.
  • Page 66
    D eaths R egistered from all C auses for the Y ear, 1918— continued.
    Cause of Death.ages.
    0 to 11 to 22 to 5Total 1 under 5,5 to 1010 to 1515 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 to 7575 to 8585 and upwardsTotals
  • Page 67
    Death Registered C auses for the Y ear, 1918-continued
  • Page 68
    D eaths R egistered from all C auses for the Y ear , 1918— continued.
    Cause of Death,AGES.
    0 to 11 to 22 I to 5Total under 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 to 7575 to 8585 andupwardsTotals.
  • Page 69
    Table No. 3. Summary of Ages.
    0 to 11 to 22 to 5Total under 5 years5 to 1010 to 1515 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 to 7575 to 8585 and upwardsTotals.
  • Page 70
    Deduced from Observations at Camden Square, n.w., under the Superintendence of H. Robert Mill,, ll.d.
  • Page 71
    Inspections and Re-inspections made by District Inspectors and temporary Women Inspectors and by Factory and Workshop (Male) Inspector during the year 1918.
    DUTIES AND PREMISES.Male Inspectors.Temporary Women
  • Page 72
    Inspections and Re-Inspections and other work of the Food Inspectors during 1918.
    DUTIES AND PREMISES.Visits and Inspections.Re-Inspections after Intimation Notices.
    Mr. Auger.Mr. Child.Totals.Mr. Auger.Mr. Child.Totals.
  • Page 73
    Inspections and Re-inspections and other work of the Food Inspectors during 1918.
    DUTIES AND PREMISES.Visits and Inspections.Re-Inspections after Intimation Notices.
    Mr. Auger.Mr. Child.Totals.Mr. Auger.Mr. Child.Totals.
  • Page 74
    T able N o . 7. Visits, etc., made by women Inspectors during 1918.
    First Visits.Subsequent Visits.Call made but admission not obtained.
    Miss Bibby.Miss Smith.Miss Giles.*Miss Payne.*Miss MacKenzieMrs. Hunter.Miss Anderson.Miss Blaxland.Miss Cammon.Total.Miss Bibby.Miss Smith.Miss Giles,Miss Payne.*Miss MacKenzie.Mrs. Hunter.Miss Anderson.Miss Blaxland.Miss Gammon.Total.Miss Bibby.Miss Smith.Miss Giles.*Miss Payne.miss : MacKenzie.Mrs. Hunter.Miss Anderson.miss Blaxland.Miss Cammon.Total.Grand Total.
  • Page 75
    Table No. 8. Total Number of Inspections and Re-inspections made by individual Inspectors and Visitors during the year 1918.
    Inspector.Inspections.Re-inspectionsCall made but admission not obtained."Food Control."Total.
  • Page 76
    Table No. 9. Intimations as to Nuisances and Breaches of Statutes and By-laws served by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1918.
    Schedule of Nuisances.Whole Borough.
  • Page 76
    T able N o. 10.
    Registered Tenement Houses—Breaches of By-Laws.Whole Borough.
  • Page 77
    Table NO. 11.
    Factories, Workshops and Work Places—Breaches of Statutes.Whole Borough
  • Page 77
    Table No. 12.
    Breaches of other Statutes and Statutory By-laws.Whole Borough.