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St Pancras 1918

Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1918

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The success of the dental clinic has been most satisfactory, and the number
of sessions will need to bo increased. The success is due to the dentist's skill
and kindness, and also to the ability and assiduity which Miss Celia Smith,
who has had charge of the administrative arrangements, has given to the
Supply of milk to necessitous mothers and children under school age.—On
March 20th, 1918, the Borough Council decided to make grants of milk to
expectant mothers and young children who were suffering from their inability
to obtain a sufficient quantity of this food. A sum of £100 per annum, later
increased to £200, was set aside for the purpose, the decision as to the granting
the milk being left with the Medical Officer of Health. To the end of the
year milk was granted in 82 cases at a cost of £50 7s. 9d. The usual amount
allowed was one pint per day. Dinners for necessitous expectant and nursing
mothers, and young children, have also been supplied from voluntary funds at
the St. Pancras School for Mothers, and (in connection with the North St.
Pancras School for Mothers) by the Kentish Town Dining Room for Mothers,
Lyndhurst Hall, Warden Road, N.W. 5: and also by the St. Pancras Invalid
Kitchen, Crowndale Road, N.W. 1. Dried milk has been sold at specially
reduced price at all the centres through the Government scheme.

Midwifihy Work.

"Extern" Midwifery.—The number of St. Pancras mothers attended gratuitously at their confinements in their own homes during 1918, according to the birth notifications, was as follows:—

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital (doctors)87
University College Hospital (medical students)492
„ „ „ (midwives)245
Middlesex Hospital (medical students)67
Royal Free Hospital „41
St. Bartholomew's Hospital (medical students)3
Maternity Nursing Association, Myddleton Square and Oakley Square (midwives)166
(or one-third of the total number of births).1101

*In these eases the women were charged reduced fees.

"Intern" Midwifery.—The number of St. Pancras births which took place in hospitals were as follows:—

University College Hospital107
Marlborough .Maternity Hospital (Roval Free)82
Middlesex Hospital129
Queen Charlotte's Lying-in-Hospital139
City of London Maternity Hospital31
St. Pancras House90
Other hospitals31
(or one-fifth the total number of births),609

*Inclnding paying patients.