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Hackney 1920

Report on the sanitary condition of the Metropolitan Borough of Hackney for the year 1920

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Dr. Reginald Brown reports that every child is examined at
its first attendance and on subsequent occasions as often as is
necessary. In all 1,536 examinations were carried out.
Dr. Brown states that several cases of unusual interest
presented themselves during the year:—
Two cases of congenital nystagmus: these were referred to
Mr. Elmore Brewerton, F.R.C.S. at the Westminster Ophthalmic
Hospital, who kindly wrote in regard to their condition: the
mothers were advised in regard to their treatment.
Two cases of mongolian imbecility: the mothers were advised
about the future of these metally defective children.
One case of congenital heart disease: the mother was advised
about the matter and also in regard to the treatment of the child
as it grew older.
Two cases of congenital syphilis: these were sent to the
I.ondon Hospital and were seen by Dr. Sequeira who wrote about
them, had the diagnosis verified by the Wasserman test and
undertook their treatment.
Several doubtful cases of congenital syphilis were also examined
at the same hospital but the results of the test were negative.
One case of hydrocephalus: the mother was advised as to the
nature of the condition.
One case of tetany: this case was referred to the Queen's
Hospital for Children and treated there, making a good recovery
from a dangerous condition.
Very many mothers were advised in regard to feeding their
children. A large number of children also had their foreskins
dilated and also a large number had their abdomens strapped to
prevent or rather to cure umbilical hernia.

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