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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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TABLE XV.—Continued.

No.Name.Age.Address.Verdict of Coroner's Jury.
22John Jackson463, Rope Yard Bails, WoolwichExhaustion from Delerium Tremens
23Female (unknown)5151, High StreetFound Drowned
24John Henderson2997, Samuel StreetAudocorditis from drink
25Alfred Bridge2123, Church St., Milton..Drowned from Barge
26Henry Hollick2424, Edward St., Canning TownDo.
27Deborrah Skyrne7411, Prospect Row, WoolwichBlood Poisoning from Prick of Needle
28Mary A. Blayney____6013, Henry StreetDrowned in Tank
29Ellen Cuming33No homeSuicide by Drowning
30Male15Henry Street, WoolwichDrowned when Bathing
31Catherine Bradshaw5324, Morris StreetFatty Degeneration of Heart
32John Bloomfield4441, Francis StreetSuicide by Cutting Throat
33Patrick Barry19Castle's Yard, CharltonKilled by Plate Falling Suicide by Cutting
34Charles Duncan6147, Lower Wood Street, WoolwichThroat on him
35Enoch Street25Auxiliary HospitalAbscess on Brain
36Florence Beaumont84, Railway CottagesSyncope through shock
37Ephraim Wiltshire73No homeInjury to Rectum
38William Carty7 m.5, North Kent PlaceConvulsions
39Unknown13.....Found Drowned
40Thomas Monk29Hailing, RochesterDrowned through falling from Wharf
41Sarah J. Hawkins551, Prospect Row, WoolwichSuicide by Hanging
42Unknown2583, Albert Road, N.W.Peritonitis from accident
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