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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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TABLE XV.—(continued).

No.Name.Age.Address.Verdict of Coroner's Jury.
43Williams (female)8 d.65, Beresford Street, WoolwichConvulsions, bad teething.
44Denyer (male)5240, Thomas StreetFatty Degeneration of Heart.
45Female (Infant)newly bornUnknownWant of attention at birth.
46 47Harry M. Street928, Bitter StreetSyncope.
Soldier26B.A. BarracksCerebral Hemorrhage
48Lizzie Dale613, Warwick StreetStricture of Bowel.
49Josiah Rondland22A.S.C. BarracksSuicide by Shooting.
50John Stephens60Albert DocksKilled by falling into ship's hold.
51 52Mary A. Evans5531, Henry StreetValvular diseaseof Heart
Joseph West4345,Artillery PlaceEpilepsy from Alcholism.
53Frederick W. Clarke..2378, Conway Road, PlumsteadInjuries by being run over by cart.
54Patrick Quinn58161, Grosvenor Buildings, PoplarFractured skull---fell down ship's hold.
55William Crittell5716, Mount Pleasant, GravesendInjuries--run over by van.
56Francis Dell5412, Warwick St., WlwichPneumonia from exposure.
57Susannah Swayne2511, Bramblebury Road, PlumsteadRupture of the Aorta.
58William Hart635, Prospect Row, WlwichFracture of skull from fall.
59Frederick Taylor274, Geldern Cottages, BrentfordFound drowned.
60Jesse W. Channell19 m.65, Brewer St., WoolwichScalds from upsetting tea pot.
61Eliza Roffey56Paradise PlaceSoftening of Brain.
62Thomas G. Rising537, Marshall GroveCongestion of Brain.
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