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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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Return of Inquests held during the Year 1893.

No.Name.Age.Address.Verdict of Coroner's Jury.
1Sarah A. Barry3 w.18, Morris St., WoolwichSuffocated in Bed
2Elizabeth Thompson7838, New RoadShock from falling downstairs
3Sarah M. Marchant22, Mary PlaceScalds from upsetting saucepan
4Elizabeth Everston5 m.18, Kate's Place, N.WSuffocated in Bed
5George Middlemus839, George St., WoolwichSenal Decay
6John Saunders31Station Road, RainhamDrowned by Sinking of Barge
7Ben Brooks6240, Villas Rd.,PlumsteadFatty Degeneration of Heart
8Selina S. Arnold7 m.30, New Road, WoolwichSuffocated in Bed
9Henry Millwaters8018, King StreetSkock from Broken Arm
10Alexander G. Jones573, Taylor's BuildingsSuicide (run over by train)
11Bebecca Dennis8 dys.1, New StreetConcussion of Brain
12Robert Wells6715, Samuel StreetParalysis of Spine from Fall
13George Ellis221, Rope Yard BailsAccidentally Drowned
14Driver, A. S. Corps28Mill Lane BarracksAccidental Fall
15Farm Labourer4632, Rope Yard BailsFall from Ladder
16William Smallcombe64Becton Gas WorksInjuries from fall on Foreshore
17Bertie A. Baker43, Wellington Street, WoolwichDrowned in Tank (accidentally)
18Vivian I. Rose313, Coleman StreetPeritonitis from Accident
19Alice Edwards4 m.18, Cannon RowSuffocated in Bed
20John Norman4053, Purrett St., PlumsteadApoplexy
21May E. Pocock12 h.23, Ogleby St., WoolwichSuffocated in Bed
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