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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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No.Date received at Mortuary.Name.Age.Address.Cause of Death.
1January 2ndJames Robertson7511, Francis Street, WoolwichRupture of Blood Vessel
2February 17thGeorge Bartlett6826, Albert Road, N. WoolwichHeart Disease
3March 17thTimothy Delury7015, Francis Street, WoolwichBronchitis
4April 2ndRebecca Dennis8 days1, New Street, WoolwichConcussion of Brain
5„ 9thHenry Keen327, Princess Road, PlumsteadSuicide by Drowning Heart Disease
6May 8thFrederick B. Purton.28108, Maxey Road, Plumstead
7„ 22ndVivian I. Rose313, Coleman Street, WoolwichPeritonitis from Fall
8„ 24thAlice M. Edwards4 months18, Canon Row, WoolwichSuffocated in Bed
9„ 29thEllen Pocock12 hours23, Ogleby Street, WoolwichDo.
10June 1stHarry Hollick2424, Edward Street, Barking RoadAccidentally Drowned
11" "John S. Norman4053, Purrett Road, PlumsteadApoplexy
12" 4thJohn Henderson2297, Samuel Street, WoolwichHeart Disease
13July 1stCatherine Bradshaw5324, Morris Street, WoolwichNatural Causes
14„ 11thPatrick Berry19Castle's Yard, CharltonDo.
15August 7thThomas Mouk29Hailing, KentAccidentally Drowned
16" 17thFlorence Beaumont84, Railway Cottages, WoolwichSyncope
17" "Ephraim Wiltshire732, Rush Grove Street, Woolwich ____Injury to Rectum
18„ 22ndWilliam J. Carty7 months5, North Kent Place, WoolwichConvulsions
19„ 23rdJohn Young832, Cross Alley, WoolwichMorbus Cordis
20" 29thWilliam H. Brown2917, Billingsgate Street, GreenwichAccidentally Drowned
21September 3rdAda Williams8 days65, Beresford Street, WoolwichConvulsions
22" 14thWilliam Denyer5240, Thomas Street, WoolwichNatural Causes
23" 15thLizzie Dale613, Warwick Street, WoolwichStructure of Bowel
24" 18thFemale Infantnewly bornNo homeWant of Attention at Birth
25" 20thHarry M. Street928, Ritter Street, WoolwichSyncope
26" 22ndRichard H. Andrews5019, Eton Road, PlnmsteadNatural Causes
27,, 26 thPercy Steert225, Nelson Buildings, GreenwichAccidentally Drowned
28„ ,,John J. Norrington134, Red Cow Cottages. IIfordDo.
29October 5th.Josiah Rouland22A. S. C. Barracks, WoolwichSuicide by Shooting
30„ 10th..Mary Ann Evans5531, Henry Street, WoolwichHeart Disease
31November 8thFrederick W. Clarke2378, Conway Road, PlumsteadRun over by Cart
32" 10thPatrick Quinn58116, Grosvenor Buildings, PoplarFall down Ship's Hold
33" 16thSusanah Swayne2511, Bramblebury Road, PlumsteadRupture of Aorta
34„ 19thFrancis Dell5412, Warwick Street, Woolwic hPneumonia
35" 24 thFrederick Taylor274, Gilden's Cottages, BrentfordFound Drowned
36December 6thAda Davis1314, Artillery Place, WoolwichTyphoid Fever
37" "Elizabeth Cook2581, High Street, WoolwichPneumonia
38" 10thWilliam Hart635, Prospect Row, WoolwichAccidental, from Fall
39" 24thThomas G. Rising525, Florence Street, Canning TownCongestion of Brain
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