London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Wealdstone 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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No.2. SANITARY WORK, 1913.

Canal Boats used as Dwellings.Movable Dwellings, Caravans, Tents, &c.Bakehouses.Slaughcer houses.Cow-sheds.Dairies and Milk-shops.Unsound Food.Offensive Trades.Water Supply and Water Service.
Wells.Percentage of Houses supplied from Public Water Service.Cisterns.Draw-Taps placed on mains.Percentage of Houses supplied on 1 Constant System.Number of Samples obtained for analysis from Public Supply.
Number Registered under the Acts.Number of Contraventions of Regulations.Number Observed during the Year.Number of Nuisances therefrom abated.Number Removed from DistrictNumber in District.Contraventions of Factory Acts.Number on Register.Number of inspections made.Frequency of Inspection.Contravention of Bye-Laws.Number on Register.Number of Inspections made.Frequency of inspection.Contraventions of Regulations.Number of Milch Cows in District.Number on Register.Number of Inspections made and frequency of inspection.Contraventions of Regulations.Meat (including organs) seized and surrendered. (Approximate weight in pounds).Fish seized and surrendered. (Approximate weight in pounds).Fruit and Vegetables seized and surrendered. (Approximate weight in pounds).Method of disposal.Number of Premises inDistrict.Number of Inspections made.Contravention of Bye-Laws.
New Sunk.Cleansed, Repaired, &c.Closed as Polluted.New Provided.Cleansed, Repaired, Covered, &c.
-----6-398Fortnightly and occasionally.-328Quarterly and occasionally.-631028. Quarterly & occasionally.--1 box (121bs)-Buried.--------6---