London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Wealdstone 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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No 1. SANITARY WORK. 1913.

Enumerate (1) Adoptive Acts (2) Byelaws, in force in District.Particulars as to Staff employed in Sanitary Department, specify if Inspectors are engaged in any other duties, and if so, what.Inspections.Action taken. (Other than under H.and T.P. Act.)Dwelling Houses and Action under H. and T P.Act,1909.Houses let in lodgings (Tenement Houses.)Common Lodging Houses.
Number of Premises Inspected (1) on Complaint.Number of Premises Inspected in connection with Infec-(2) tious Diseases.Number of Premises under (3) Periodical Inspection.Houses Inspected from House-(4) to-House.Total Number of Inspections (5) and re-inspections made.Cautionary or Intimation Notices Given.Statutory Orders Issued.Summonses Served.Convictions Obtained.Number of Houses dealt with under Section 15.Number of Houses found to be in a state Dangerous or Injurious to Health (Sect. 17).Number of Representations made by M.O.H. (Sect 17).Number of Houses made Habitable without Closing Orders.Number of Closing Orders made by L A. (Sect 17).Number of Houses closed Vo untarily.Number of Closing Orders determined after Repairs (Sect. 17)Number of Houses Demolished (a) by order of L A. (Sect. 17), (b) Voluntarily.IIIegal Underground Dwellings Vacated.Number Registered under Bye-laws.Number of Contraventions.Number Registered under Bye-Laws.Number of Inspections made.
3059827514 8162
It has been found that serving the ordinary notices under the P.H. Acts has been quite sufficient to cause the work required to be done.