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Deptford 1929

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Deptford, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Report of Tuberculosis Officer—continued.
Cases notified after the death of the patient are not now
regarded as notified cases. Reminders have been sent to the
doctors attending these un-notified cases and late notified cases
calling their attention to their duty to notify all cases of Tuberculosis
which they attend.

The notifications of non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis were as follows:—

Meningitis4Genito-urinary 2
Peripheral glands13Skin and other organs—
Bones and joints17Total 43

Revision of Notification Register.
During the year 215 cases of Pulmonary and 66 cases of
Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis were removed from the Register
of Notifications either as cases in which the diagnosis was not
confirmed or cases which were considered "cured" and not
needing further supervision or as having died or left the district.

With the addition of transfers from other areas and new notifications the Register stands at the end of 1929 as follows:—

Under 15Over 15Under 15Over 15Total
Pulmonary Tuberculosis4632439259668
Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis103408945277

Disinfection was carried out in 355 rooms, and articles of
bedding, clothing, &c., were removed for sterilization.